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Nearshore Software Development Services

We offer companies access to an elite team of senior tech talent and leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive the development of revolutionary software solutions.

We provide end-to-end support throughout the software development lifecycle, collaborating closely with our clients to understand their vision, define project goals, and deliver exceptional results.

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Our core services

Software Development

Custom and scalable software solutions to drive your business forward.

AI Integration Services

Harness the power of AI with smart and fast integration solutions.

App Development

Engaging, intuitive, and cross-platform mobile app development.

Development Team Extension

Access top-tier tech talent to augment your in-house team.

How we work

Based on a Software Development as a Service model, we can assemble a team of experts to develop and drive your software idea or project with the right balance and the necessary expertise.

With a single monthly payment, activities can be reallocated based on the project's convenience, execution/maturity phase, or monthly planning.

IT Dev costs reduction
Increase in operational efficiency
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Industries We Serve

We bring real solutions to each client's problems through a deep understanding of their Industry, solution, and vision.


Breaking barriers in the financial world.

With a cutting-edge approach, we create disruptive solutions that redefine the industry. From mobile applications to AI automation services, we unleash the boundless potential of technology to drive the next financial revolution. Join us and be part of the change that transforms the way the world manages its money and creates value.

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Revolutionizing the insurance landscape

Embracing innovation, we craft transformative solutions that redefine insurance practices. From intuitive mobile apps to advanced AI-powered automation, we harness technology's limitless capabilities to usher in the future of insurance.

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Legal and Tax

Embrace Innovation and Disruption as we revolutionize the Legal and Tax landscape

From SaaS platforms to cutting-edge AI-driven platforms and seamless automation, we empower your legal practice with unrivaled efficiency and precision. Embrace the transformation and embark on a journey that reshapes the way you navigate complexities, optimize processes, and elevate your success in the Legal and Tax realm.

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Retail and E-commerce

Unleash the Power of Retail and E-Commerce.

From futuristic customer experience platforms to AI data-driven personalization and client communication, we empower your business with unparalleled growth and customer satisfaction. Embrace innovation and embark on a transformative journey that revolutionizes the way you engage shoppers, optimize operations, and propel your success in the Retail and E-Commerce realm.

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Cutting-edge technologies, our expertise.

We provide tailor-made developments and integrations using the most advanced technologies in the market to bring your projects to life and automate your process.


Nurtured in SQL for enhanced connectivity and scalability, enabling seamless integration with other systems and adeptly adapting to increasing data volumes.


We leverage Microsoft Azure infrastructure for our developments, providing unmatched scalability, robust security, high availability, and seamless integration with a wide range of cloud-based tools and services.


Our service provides integration and development on the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, offering scalability, security, and efficiency. Gain a competitive advantage with agile and reliable solutions.


Unlock new possibilities and enhance your applications with powerful AI capabilities. Our service specializes in software integration and development using OpenAI's cutting-edge technologies.

Explore Our Featured Projects

Project image

Web app

SaaS Tax management platform

Designed exclusively for our valued tax industry partners. With this revolutionary tool, managing massive volumes of tax information data has never been easier.

  • SQL /
  • .NET /
  • Bootstrap /
  • Front end /
  • Back end
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Project image

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Document Processing for insurance company

AI-powered software for insurance sector: Extracts & validates data from documents with high accuracy. Streamlines claims processing, policy management, and reduces errors. Improves efficiency & customer satisfaction.

  • Artificial Intelligence /
  • Regex /
  • Intelligence Document Processing /
  • Robotic Process Automation
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Project image

Web App

Bank Statement-Driven Credit Approval Automation

Cutting-edge software automates credit approval workflow for fintech by extracting data from bank statements. Streamlines processes, enhances accuracy, and accelerates lending decisions.

  • Intelligent Document Processing /
  • .NET /
  • Robotic Process Automation
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Our benefits


Comprehensive solution

Our service covers all stages of software development, from ideation to implementation, ensuring a complete and integrated approach.


Expert interdisciplinary team

We provide a highly skilled and diverse team of professionals, including software developers, designers, digital consultants, and more, to meet your project's specific needs.


Cost-effective Nearshore prices

With our nearshore model, we offer highly competitive prices for clients in the United States and Europe, delivering exceptional value without compromising quality.


Without intermediary agencies

Our dedicated project managers ensure smooth coordination, timely delivery, and effective communication throughout the development process.


Technology transfer and training

We not only develop software but also assist in fostering a culture of technology adoption within your organization, providing training and support for successful implementation.


Scalability and continuous support

Beyond development, our solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing your software to grow and adapt as your business expands, ensuring a sustainable and future-proof investment.

Security standards

All our developments are carried out under the highest international cybersecurity protocols, complying with the highest standards and guidelines.

Our infrastructure is hosted in recognized and renowned state-of-the-art data center with multiple security certifications, including ISO 27001.

In addition, we implement data encryption mechanisms such as the AES-256 algorithm, the most secure AES encryption currently, to keep your data always safe.


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